7 Reasons Rome is still the ‘Capital’ of the world- ‘Roma Caput Mundi’

The ancient Romans have a famous saying in Latin:  ‘Roma Caput Mundi’. Caput meaning Head and Mundi meaning World, hence the phrase translates to ‘Rome is the Head of the world’. Present  day Romans  still maintain the city as the Caput Mundi and have an additional expression for it; ‘Rome, the eternal city’, Roma la città eterna’

roma trees1. The city of Rome is utmost unique because visitors travel from all over the world to see more or less 2600 years of history, dating from the 7th century BC, with the beginning of Rome and the Roman Republic. Rome was an empire for five centuries with around 1000 years of its history being that of the ancient Romans. The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 AD

vaticanThe Vatican

2. The idea of Rome as an imperial city was born in the Eastern part of Europe, in the city of Constantinople, the present day Istanbul, Turkey until 1453. For an additional 1000 years, it was the Eastern Roman Empire.


3. During the Middle ages, Rome was always a very important city. Did you know that  German rulers used to travel thousands of kilometers to the city of Rome in order to be crowned as emperors? Yes!


4. The Catholic Church also plays a major role in establishing Rome as the ‘Head of the World’. As a matter of fact, till today the Pope is considered to be one of the most powerful personalities and moral figures worldwide. The Catholic Church has spread throughout the world, bringing out another aspect of a religious empire

arch of constantineArch of Constantine

st peters keyholeCavelieri di malta Keyhole

5. The ‘WOW!’ factor is very important in judging the beauty of any city and Rome has tourists always left agape with countless WOW!  A result of positive shock for something so great, so gorgeous, so beautiful. Gorgeous monuments like the gigantic Colosseum, a   stadium of ancient Rome, the magnificent Vatican Museum filled with master pieces of art, the glorious St. Peters Cathedral among other numerous monuments have visitors Wow!ing at every scenery. The famous Fontana di trevi, the Ancient Forum, the Palatine Hill, Piazza Di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and the Museo Borghese among  other  museums and cathedrals. The Orange Garden offers a breathtaking view of the entire city of Rome. The ‘Cavelieri di Malta’ from which you can view St. Peter through a Key hole is another of the many Wow! points.

treviFontana di Trevi

piazzaPiazza Navona

6. Rome hosts more than 42 Million visitors annually. Incredible right? Tourists flock to see the Beauty, experience Romance in this eternal city and to buy most of the Italian Style. Major shopping streets of famous world fashion designers from Dolce & Gabana to Louis Vuitton among others are filled with rich travelers purchasing the latest trends. Italy still maintains her significance as a fashion and design capital.

forum by nightForum by night


7. Incredible food! Roman cuisine and other Italian dishes from neighboring towns accompany all this beauty, style and travel enthusiasm. Many typical meals like the Pasta alla Carbonara, pasta alla Gricia, Pasta all’ Amatriciana, Penne all’ Arrabiata, Gnocchi, Rogatoni con la Pajata, Abbacchio alla scottadito, Pollo alla diavola, Coda alla Vaccinara, Tippa alla Romana, and other dishes have tourists trying all kinds of restaurants and cafes  within the city.

pasta-carbonara-horiz-a-1200Pasta alla Carbonara

Rome will always be a MUST -Visit on the Bucket list for at least once in a lifetime, if not for the 14 times of WOW!s. Are you traveling to Rome anytime soon? We could see the city together! I am lucky to be resident of the eternal city, and the city which is the ‘Head’ of the world.

River TiberTiber River

view romaView from the Orange Garden

Ciao… till you get to Roma!


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