Campagna’s ‘Chiena’ Water event, South of Naples, Italy

Italy is famous for many events and celebrations linked with cultural heritage. Being a country with more than 8000 cities, every city can somehow boast of its own historical events, linked with religion, landscape, food or the inhabitants etc.

9 The city of Campagna in the province of Salerno, South of Napoli (Naples), is an ancient town in the middle of the mountains and is very beautiful. Starting from the mid of July till August, the people of Campagna celebrate an event called the ‘CHIENA’. In the local dialect of Campagna, it means ‘Full’ ‘La Piena del fiume’. There is a characteristic river ‘Tensa’ that comes out from the original source and automatically cleans the streets of the town. This plays a significant role for the hygiene of the entire town.

5The event started 4 centuries ago. Nowadays, many people visit Campagna to experience the ‘La Chiena’ event for five weekends in a row. Every afternoon of the weekend, People enjoy water games by splashing clean water onto each other using water buckets and enjoy getting wet!

1Water has always been linked with purification. These water games somehow ‘washes’ each person not just physically but also have the spiritual aspect of  purification.

6Till today, tourism is largely linked to culture. People have a lot of fun traveling to different places to experience cultural events. As a former public administrator, I can clearly add that tourism contributes to the livelihood of the people of the many cities through the Bars, restaurants and sartorias and shops that thousands of tourists visit on the trips.


The interesting fact about the river Tensa is that at the end of the city, it flows back into the banks and does not get lost or wasted. Tourism is more and more molded to cultural experiences


10Ciao, Till the next trip 🙂

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