Campagna’s ‘Chiena’ Water event, South of Naples, Italy

Italy is famous for many events and celebrations linked with cultural heritage. Being a country with more than 8000 cities, every city can somehow boast of its own historical events, linked with religion, landscape, food or the inhabitants etc.  The city of Campagna in the province of Salerno, South of Napoli (Naples), is an ancient... Continue Reading →


7 Reasons Rome is still the ‘Capital’ of the world- ‘Roma Caput Mundi’

The ancient Romans have a famous saying in Latin:  ‘Roma Caput Mundi’. Caput meaning Head and Mundi meaning World, hence the phrase translates to ‘Rome is the Head of the world’. Present  day Romans  still maintain the city as the Caput Mundi and have an additional expression for it; ‘Rome, the eternal city’, ‘Roma la... Continue Reading →

12 Days in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Visiting Palestine is always a unique experience. What I have done in the 12 days has been amazing! I had the possibility of teaching at MICAD (Master in International Cooperation and Development) in the faculty of Business Administration at the Bethlehem University. At the same time, I had the possibility to participate as a speaker... Continue Reading →

Visiting Bethlehem once more

I happen to visit the city of Bethlehem in Palestine several times a year and I thought I should share the amazing experience with you on this trip, my flight leaves in a few minutes. A lot of people I meet  express great interest in the  Holy Land, Israel and Palestine, and hope to plan a... Continue Reading →

A relaxed weekend in Venice, Italy

I have travelled to the famous  city of Venice countless times (okay, thirteen) in my life but each time, there is always something new to experience, a  thrill to get lost again in Venice's numerous winding streets with a map in hand, or to taste the great Venetian liver recipe 'fegato alla veneziana' and later... Continue Reading →

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