12 Days in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Visiting Palestine is always a unique experience. What I have done in the 12 days has been amazing! I had the possibility of teaching at MICAD (Master in International Cooperation and Development) in the faculty of Business Administration at the Bethlehem University. At the same time, I had the possibility to participate as a speaker... Continue Reading →

Visiting Bethlehem once more

I happen to visit the city of Bethlehem in Palestine several times a year and I thought I should share the amazing experience with you on this trip, my flight leaves in a few minutes. A lot of people I meet  express great interest in the  Holy Land, Israel and Palestine, and hope to plan a... Continue Reading →

A relaxed weekend in Venice, Italy

I have travelled to the famous  city of Venice countless times (okay, thirteen) in my life but each time, there is always something new to experience, a  thrill to get lost again in Venice's numerous winding streets with a map in hand, or to taste the great Venetian liver recipe 'fegato alla veneziana' and later... Continue Reading →

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